The End of Homelessness? October 14th City Symposium.

The topic for our next meeting has been decided. This month we will be discussing a proposal presented by Abe OudshoornEnding Homelessness is Achievable in Canada. Here’s a quick synopsis:

It is often assumed that homelessness is a natural consequence of large urban areas in developed nations. However, I would propose that we can actually eliminate homelessness, reaching a point where every Canadian has a home.

Join us at 7pm in the Chaucer’s Pub ‘Atrium’ on Wednesday, October 14th to discuss.

Some Notes and (Optional) Readings for Wednesday

In preparation for Wednesday night’s discussion, James Shelley has posted a general outline and supplemental reading links on his blog. This is by no means ‘required reading’, but if you have a few minutes to spare, it might help get the wheels turning in anticipation for Wednesday.

Event details: Chaucer’s Pub (Atrium) at 7:00pm on Wednesday, August 12.

All are welcome.

‘Liberty and Freedom’ at the City Symposium

The selected topic for our August 12 event is Liberty and Freedom, to be presented by yours truly. Here’s the description:

…a series of arguments about the nature of liberty, ranging from the classical ‘republican’ ideas of the ancient Greco-Roman world, to the extreme libertarian ideals increasingly being expressed in political discourse today. My ultimate aim here is not to convince anyone of a certain ‘true’ version of liberty, but to celebrate the wild diversity of ways that people interpret the idea.

See you at Chaucer’s Pub (Atrium) at 7:00pm on August 12. All are welcome. Bring your curiosity.

(Also: voting is now reopened for selecting a topic for our following event on October 14.)

June 10th Event – “Distraction: Are We Too Distracted to Notice?”

The next City Symposium event is on June 10th. The democratically selected topic for discussion was proposed by Jim Rule and Gary Kay: Distraction: Are We Too Distracted to Notice?

Here is the abstract:

This topic originated from a book by Margaret Wheatley, So Far From Home, 2012.

Quote: ‘ We are distracted from distraction by distraction.’ T.S. Eliot in the 1930s

Leading questions for discussion:

Does distraction in our lives prevent us from perceiving reality as it is or it is perceived to be?

Does distraction cause us to rely on the “them” for solutions?

Does a distracted society accelerate the feelings of isolationship, loneliness, and/or depression?

Are our brains being negatively affected by the constant ‘flickering images’ of modern life? (For more information on this last question, please consult The Shallows by Nicholas Carr.)

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, June 10, at 7pm in the ‘Atrium’ (at Chaucers).

Just a Few Days Left to Vote for June 10th Topic

This is just a brief reminder that there are about 7 days left to vote for the topic to be presented at our June 10th event. Voting closes on May 26th at 11pm. (This gives whoever is selected to present/lead the night a two week window for preparation.) Vote for the ideas you are most curious about. Or see more details about the June 10 event.

Remember: you can add new ideas/proposals for discussion at future events at any time.