As we head into a long weekend, the Wolf Hall Debates team wants to remind you that our upcoming event about political correctness is only 9 days away. (Monday, October 17)

To get your brain primed for a compelling discussion, check out the event’s quirky-yet-provocative promotional video. (Note: this video also makes for an interesting discussion starter with your aunts and uncles over Thanksgiving dinner.)

After you watch the video (its only 5 minutes long), you might want to download the snazzy MemePack (8mb), which includes 34 memes from the video. Share your favourites and tag with #WHDpc


You can also download the event poster to share as well.


Thanks for helping us spread the word!

Please let us know if you are planning on coming… But also keep in mind that Wolf Hall Debates is an open and public event: we cannot provide advanced registration or guaranteed seating. All seats are general admission, first-come/first-serve, so be sure to arrive early. (But don’t worry, you won’t be bored: a special pre-debate concert by the super-talented Mike Trudgen begins at 6:30pm. More details here.)

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