Reducing Inequalities (November 7, 6:40 PM, Wolf Performance Hall)

The City Symposium brings together four amazing presenters to speak about the work of reducing inequalities in our community. Date and Time Thursday, November 7, 2019 6:40 PM – 9:00 PM EST Wolf Performance Hall, Central Library Are you coming? Eventbrite Facebook Newsletter updates Presenters Michael Ciccone is the new CEO and Chief Librarian of […]

Canada’s Response to the Opioid Crisis

Over the next two Mondays, Curious Public at Central Library is hosting community events — including a student debate — on issues surrounding drug policy in Canada. First, a panel discussion featuring leading experts on drug policy, public health, and intervention strategies. We’ll dig into the complexities and controversies of how we legislate and control drugs of all […]

Will a populist anti-immigration agenda come to Canada?

Greetings from Wolf Hall Debates, Our next event at the Wolf Performance Hall will take place on Monday, May 29th, 2017 (6:30pm pre-event concert). The question on the floor: Will a populist, anti-immigration agenda come to Ottawa in 2019? Probably yes? or, Probably no? As we’ve seen populist sentiment sweep across the United States and […]

Designer Babies: A Public Student Debate at Western University

Should we prohibit the genetic enhancement of fetuses? UWO’s Debate Society and Students for Partners in Health have collaborated to hold a show debate for the public. Curious about the ethical and philosophical implications of genetic engineering? Join us on Thursday, January 26, at 6 PM, at UWO Social Science Centre, Room 2032. Debate Motion: […]

Revisit the last debate … and get ready for another one!

If you missed our debate about political correctness, now is your chance to watch and listen to the conversation in its entirety: the full video of the event is now available. This debate — filmed shortly before the American presidential election — is as pertinent as ever, with all sides making extremely relevant points regarding […]

TONIGHT: The Political Correctness Debate

What happens when you let four debaters, three respondents, two graphic recorders, a filmmaker, and a musician loose in the Wolf Performance Hall? We’re about to find out! This evening, Wolf Hall Debates tackles the motion: Be it resolved that political correctness has gone too far. 6:30pm Doors open & pre-debate concert with exceptionally talented […]